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Diamond Portraits: Cartier

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Any list of the most respected and valuable jewelry brands will no doubt have Cartier at or near the top. In fact, according to Forbes annual list of top brand values, Cartier is the fourth most valuable luxury brand in the world, valued at $9.3 billion. For the past 170 years, Cartier has been at the forefront of premium jewelry design and fabrication. Their focus on beautiful and unique designs using only the most premium quality gems has helped them build an elite reputation. While the Cartier brand is no longer held by the family that bears its name, it was a family-run business for over 100 years before it was sold.

Polished diamond prices have largely declined during 2017, although the rate of decline has slowed compared to 2016. The year was marked by an extended period of dropping prices across the board and with a sudden small improvement at the very end, according to the Mercury Diamond Global Tracker™ (MDGT™) , an index of polished diamond transaction prices. The steady prices, following an extended period of price declines, are a welcome sign of stability for the global diamond industry.

Most people accept that Ian Fleming named the villain in his 1964 James Bond novel after architect Erno Goldfinger, who lived down the street from Fleming. However, a devout few still believe that Goldfinger was actually the product of Fleming’s chance encounter with legendary diamantaire, Joseph Goldfinger, whom he met on a fact-finding trip to Charterhouse St. Joseph Goldfinger would later become known as “Mr. Diamond,” and may credit him with putting the Israeli diamond industry on the map.

December 2017 Market Report

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The diamond market finally improved towards the end of the year, thanks to the holiday season. Unfortunately, that only happened late in December. Traders reported good demand, and inventories have finally decreased meaningfully.

The Asscher family is one of a handful of diamond dynasties that have made an indelible mark on the diamond industry. The company bearing their name has been working in diamonds for over 150 years and is still run by the descendants of its founder. The Asschers have been responsible for cutting some of the most famous diamonds in history and, more recently, have been at the leading edge of design and development in diamond manufacturing and design.


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