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Best books about diamonds (part 1)

Just like Hollywood, the publishing industry loves a good diamond book, and diamonds can be used in many ways to tell a story. The following list is about great books featuring diamonds, a mix of fiction and non-fiction.

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Making the Grade

Most people call a diamond's shape "cut." Since January 2006, however, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) started using the term to refer to the quality of a round polished diamond's workmanship, known as Cut Grade. 

Cut Grade considers the workmanship in transforming a diamond from rough to polished. It is the only characteristic of a diamond determined by human action.

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Going After the Heart

Heart-shaped diamonds are mentioned in letters between Italian nobility as early as 1463. Mary Queen of Scots gave Queen Elizabeth a ring set with a Heart-shaped diamond in 1562. They even appear in paintings from the era.

Today, Heart-shaped diamonds are very popular in the Far East. In the past year, it has gained growing popularity in the US especially after singers Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj received engagement rings set with Heart-shaped diamonds.
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Crystal Clear - Fancy Color

Pink, blue, green, red or other naturally colorful diamonds are Fancy Color or Colored diamonds. They are very rare creations of nature and the majority of them - more than 85% of the fancy color polished diamonds - are fancy yellow diamonds smaller than 1 carat.  

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Animal Shaped diamonds

Horse Head

When we talk about unusual diamond cuts, the Horse Head is one that a surprising number of people are familiar with. The shape was invented by Henri Daussi Loots, an Antwerp master diamond cutter, founder of the New York based jewelry company that still bears his name. The Horse Head is more common than one might expect and GIA even has a 'Horse Brilliant' shape definition for grading Horse Head diamonds. While there are many examples of poorly cut Horse Heads that only superficially resemble a horse, a well-cut stone is unmistakable. Some more adventurous cutters even claim to be able to create stones that distinguish between a mare and a stallion.

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