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Five Unusual Diamond Shapes

The De Beers Supplier of Choice initiative, launched in the early 2000s, rewarded diamond manufacturers who ventured downstream into jewelry and retail branding efforts. As a result, we witnessed an explosion in proprietary diamond cuts that continues today, albeit to a lesser extent. A Google search can lead to hundreds of unique diamond shapes, but even within this long list of unusual diamonds there are still a few that really stand out for their creativity and uniqueness.  

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Diamonds - More Than Meets the Eye

Clarity, one of diamonds' four basic 'C's, refers to how free a diamond is from inclusions and blemishes, internal and external features that negatively affect a diamond's shine, beauty, light refraction and its value.

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Knowing Your Way Around Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are the most common and sought-after diamond shape in the world. We stated that diamonds are polished into a variety of shapes and that the choice of shape is mostly one of taste, best use of the pre-polished rough diamond, and, occasionally, color. Historically, diamonds were polished only into rounds, and for good reason.

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Christmas diamond shapes

​The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star was commissioned by De Beers and placed on top of their 1994 Christmas tree, which toured 20 cities in Japan and was seen around the world on television including CNN.

It was developed in order to provide retailers an alternative marketing concept that would allow diamonds to be used in decorative pieces for the home, as opposed to jewelry. It is also one of the earliest examples of a branded diamond, first cut and polished by Fancoldi in Israel.

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Oval-shaped diamonds - Head Oval Heels

Oval-shaped diamonds are another member of the semi-round diamond shapes - those that are based on the round brilliant, but with a twist. Unlike the Pear-shape, discussed last week, which is half of a round on one end and a Marquee on the other, the oval is a somewhat elongated round as the name suggests, which gives it the appearance of larger than it really is. 

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