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Achieving World Record Prices for Diamonds as Assets through Transparency

When considering the requirement to create a critical mass of buyers of diamonds for wealth preservation, Ehud drew many parallels with what is also required to reinvigorate traditional consumer demand for diamonds in both cases, transparency sits on, or perhaps trumps, the podium.  

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Diamonds for Wealth Preservation and Education

According to Ehud, education, like marketing, is an essential component in creating a critical mass of believers in diamonds for wealth preservation.

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Marketing Diamonds for Wealth Preservation

To reach a critical mass of believers in diamonds for wealth preservation, Ehud believed it was also essential for the industry to recalibrate its marketing efforts.  

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Diamonds for Wealth Preservation: Trading Platforms

Ehud believed that one key component required to reach a critical mass of people who believe in diamonds for wealth preservation is the establishment of trading platforms.  

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Diamonds for Wealth Preservation

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