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"In our latest Wealth Report Knight Frank shed some light on the ins and outs of investing in luxury assets. Continuing the theme, guest writer Ehud Laniado, seller of two of the four most expensive diamonds sold in the history of Sotheby’s, explains why diamonds are a viable long-term investment"...

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"In the last couple of years, I have notices a growing set of wealthy individuals who believe diamonds are worthy investments assets. But many people who are potential diamonds investors do not yet understand how rare diamonds"...(Ehud Laniado, HEDGE)

A recent article by Ehud Laniado, titled Technology in the Diamond Industry: Exploration, delves into the ways in which technology impacts the diamond industry, particularly when it comes to mine exploration. The most challenging stage in the diamond industry, Laniado explains, is mine exploration. The industry has used magnetic surveying for decades – utilizing the high density, high magnetic susceptibility, and high electrical conductivity in the rocks surrounding kimberlites to pinpoint the distinct electro-magnetic signature of kimberlites. However, this technique not only yields a lot of false-positives, but often fails to “spot a diamond deposit that had a slower journey to the surface”. What might change all this, Laniado explains, is high-frequency seismic reflection technology and ground penetrating radar.

"Ehud Laniado, global diamond expert and seller of two of the three most expensive diamonds sold in the history of Sotheby's, explains why diamonds are a viable long-term investment".


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