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Market Update - Confusion and questions looming over the diamond industry

The mood in the diamond market is hesitant and there is a strong feeling of anticipation in the air. It’s hardly surprising when you consider the recent publication of a decrease in round polished diamond prices, coupled with Indian factories having reduced their production levels to reflect demand and rumours making the rounds that De Beers and Alrosa are set to reduce their prices.

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Market update - Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us. For those in the diamond and diamond jewellery industry, this is usually the busiest time of the year. Yet figures from key markets this week tell a different story.

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Market update - In hope of liquidity and leadership

The diamond market is quieter than hoped-for at the moment. Sales of polished diamonds in the run-up to Thanksgiving in the US proved disappointing and this has led to a decline in polished prices. 

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Market update - The diamond industry's psychological Volatility Index

The diamond sector has a Volatility Index. Unlike the S&P 500 VIX (Volatility Index) it cannot be accurately measured. But it is very much felt in the gut feelings of diamantaires and it can become a fear factor.

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Market update - Uncertain times

Rough diamonds are selling if their price is correct. The conversation amongst Sightholders this week is that De Beers’ pricing of last week’s sight boxes has been a disappointment. Sightholders refused around 25% of their allocated boxes.

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