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It’s Time To Regulate – And Rename – Lab-Grown Diamonds

It’s time to shine the spotlight on an issue that has the potential to devalue the prized possessions of people all around the world, and harm the livelihoods of millions of workers in Africa and other developing regions. That issue is undisclosed, gem-quality lab-grown diamonds, and the risk that they will penetrate into the natural diamond pipeline. 

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The Diamond that Makes Every Woman a Princess

The second most popular diamond shape after the Round is the Princess. The Princess shape was developed in Israel in 1979, as an evolution of several other square shape diamonds. Very quickly, this diamond shape became hugely popular around the world, and for good reason.

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The Asscher: A Royal Cut

One of the greatest diamond industry legacies belongs to the Asscher family of Amsterdam, established by master cutter Joseph Isaac Asscher. His son, Joseph Asscher, designed the original Asscher cut in 1902. Together with his brother Abraham, the duo went on to polish some of the most notable diamonds of modern history, including the Cullinan.

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Cushion, how diamond dreams are made

The Cushion-shaped diamond has been popular for several centuries. According to some accounts, it was the most popular diamond shape in the 19th century. A classic shape for a diamond, Cushions are squarish diamonds with rounded corners. Its large facets give it a look that resembles the shape of a cushion, hence the source of its name.

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The Diamond Destined for Radiance

Unlike the diamond shapes described here previously, the Radiant-shaped diamond does not have a history dating back centuries. It’s also unique in that it can be either a square or a rectangular shape. Either way, the Radiant is a great alternative for someone who wants a diamond – but with a different shape.

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