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10 Tips to Take Better Care Of Your Diamonds - Part 2 of 2

Like any valuable asset, diamonds must be properly maintained in order for them to remain beautiful, and to keep their value. Failure to preserve your diamonds in the best possible condition could ultimately cause your diamond jewelry to depreciate over time. Here is part 2 (read here part 1) of the list showing the most important tips for keeping your jewelry looking its best over all the years that you choose to enjoy it. 

1. Keep your jewelry out of the shower

The shower is the most common place in the house where jewelry is lost. Smaller pieces will fit through the cracks of most household shower drains, and be lost forever. In addition, the shower has a host of chemicals that can be unkind to your precious stones, and soap residue will stick to your diamond, forming a cloudy residue.

2. Wash your diamond jewelry frequently

Cleaning your diamonds frequently is a must, even when proper care is taken to store them. Using a very soft bristle toothbrush with water and a small amount of mild detergent, like dish soap, is a gentle and effective way to clean your diamonds. Make sure to get into all the crevasses where dirt and grease can build up over time. Never use bleach or other household chemicals, and never use a heavy wire brush or pipe cleaner. Interestingly, a 30-minute soak in vodka has proven to be an effective method for cleaning diamonds, and won't damage most metals either. Jewelers typically recommend cleaning your diamonds at least once a week. A hair dryer on a low setting is a great way to remove any excess water spots after cleaning.

3. Be wary of ultrasonic cleaners

There are many different ultrasonic cleaning systems on the market. These units use high-frequency sound waves emitted through a liquid substrate to literally shake the dirt and grease off the jewelry. While these systems can be effective, they have been known to shake diamonds right out of their mounts from time to time. Be careful when using these devices and never leave your jewelry unattended. The choice of cleaning solution is important as well, and you should always err on the side of using mild solutions. Also, heat is an important element in making ultrasonic cleaners effective, so you should only use a unit that heats the liquid, and preferably one with a shut-off timer. You should never use ultrasonic cleaners with any diamonds that have been treated with fracture fillings.

4. Don't ignore the metal

While not typically the most valuable part of your diamond jewelry, the metal is critical in keeping your piece properly mounted and looking its best. Metals should be polished to keep them looking new, as even hard metals like platinum can become scratched and dull over time. Almost any professional jeweler will offer polishing services at a relatively low cost.

5. Take them in for regular maintenance

Just like your car needs regular attention from a professional, so do your diamonds. Regular observation from your jeweler can help him or her to spot potential problems, and keep your jewelry clean and polished. Many people also have their larger diamonds re-set every five to seven years, as the metal in claws can become worn down and brittle over time.

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