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Best books about diamonds (part 3)

 ​In part 3 of the list, we will explore some of the best books written about diamonds (you can find part 1 here and part 2 here). Just like Hollywood, the publishing industry loves a good diamond book, and diamonds can be used in many ways to tell a story. The following list is about great books featuring diamonds, a mix of fiction and non-fiction.

Kill me if you can, James Patterson and Marshall Karp - 2012

American James Patterson is one is the highest selling authors in history, having written nearly 100 novels that have sold for over $150 Million. Kill Me if you Can, follows a poor art student living in New York City who finds a duffel bag full of diamonds after an attack at Grand Central Station. He believes that he is set for life and can finally do right by his girlfriend Katherine. But the attack was not random and was a calculated move to kill a top member of the international diamond syndicate. Soon afterwards, he finds himself in the middle of an insidious war between rival assassins who are each looking to recover the diamonds and slay their competitor.

Flawless, Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell

Greg Campbell co-wrote this book that intimately reviews the February 2003 robbery of Antwerp Diamond Center's main vault. In real-life detective style, it follows a group of Italian thieves known as the School of Turin, headed by Leonardo Notarbartolo. The robbery was one of the largest in history, confounding police and investigators who still do not have a complete picture of how the thieves perpetrated the caper. Selby and Campbell's investigative work helped shed some light on this as it uncovered certain aspects unknown to police, although mysteries remain to this day.

The Devil's Star, Jo Nesbo – 2003

Bestselling Norwegian author Jo Nesbo wrote the Devil's Star that follows the search for a serial killer whose tell-tale murder signature is to place a red diamond cut into the shape of a pentagram under the eyelid of his victims. While not truly about diamonds per se, the story is a good read just the same. Although I doubt Nesbo really understood the cost of red diamonds, as this would have required a very wealthy killer!

From Mine to Mistress, Chaim Evan-Zohar - 2002

Revised in 2012, the 942-page book is an in-depth look at the diamond pipeline from all angles. The book comprehensively details important aspects of diamond including country-specific issues, government policy best practice, the history of the industry and its relevance today, implications of the diamond banking industry, amongst many other. It is an essential read for those working in diamonds.

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