A key component of Mercury Crystal Clear™, the diamond pricing system which Ehud founded, is expanding consumer knowledge of diamond characteristics beyond the 4Cs (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut) known to the ordinary buyer.

"The importance of a transparent and easily understood pricing system for diamonds cannot be stressed enough. For many years, the general press and many consumers have been stating that the misunderstood differences in diamond prices are a turn-off."

The missing link is the realization that beyond the 4Cs there are various other characteristics called "irregularities," which should be included when evaluating the price of a diamond. These can create significant differences in price between two similarly graded diamonds with the same 4C characteristics.

"Irregularities are all those extra features of a diamond that are not reflected in the 4Cs, but are stated in a grading report: comments, type of inclusions, location of inclusions, etc.," Ehud explained in a blog post. He then added, "Several weeks ago, I unveiled Mercury Crystal Clear™ and a transaction-based price list. This is a transparent system that tracks transaction prices throughout the diamond pipeline, taking into account the type of transaction (retail/wholesale), size of transaction, and includes full details of each irregularity the sold diamond may exhibit."  

In another blog post on the topic, Ehud shared the following, "I am passionate about pulling back the veil on the issue of irregularities. It is information that is well known to diamond industry insiders, but to few others. Anyone buying a diamond needs to know this, because comments and irregularities are crucial to determining the value of a diamond. They provide precious information that may not impact the 4Cs of a diamond, but could still impact the price."

"I believe in helping diamond buyers with their decision-making by spreading information about irregularities and their role in determining the prices of polished diamonds, assessing the rarity of particular diamonds," he added.

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