The diamond industry is an international industry that reaches across the borders of our global world. It bridges across cultures, nations, religious beliefs, languages and ways of life. The information we share comes from many and diverse sources and spreads around the world to spark the industry.

A common denominator is our business calendar, which starts in January and ends in December. Through this annual cycle, we have commonly made efforts to keep the flow of the value chain from mining through polishing to retailing for the end consumer.

Throughout the passing year, as in all years past, we have all put our best foot forward and invested our best efforts to reach our goals no matter the outcome. By that, each and every one of us contributed to our joint effort to bring a remarkable product to the retail market. I would therefore like to congratulate everybody who has been contributing to these efforts for all that they have done in the past year and wish you all a restful holiday. We can take advantage of this time away from our daily business activities and contemplate our actions in the ending year – we can examine our success and the lessons it provides and then apply it to doing better business next year. 

I would like to point out optional points to consider:

My best wishes to all. May all of us begin 2015 with renewed energies and an enhanced inspiration to ignite the coming year with great profitability and success.


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