Diamonds are the epitome of luxury. Although diamonds are traditionally used in jewelry, many designers have created other beautiful and one-of-a-kind items with this precious stone. These unique pieces allow their owners to find new ways of displaying their wealth and creativity. Some of these items have been criticized as an unnecessary extravagance. In this series we will show more interesting albeit unconventional items that have been made extraordinarily valuable through the presence of diamond. Here is the fifth part (read here part 1  , part 2 , Part 3, and Part 4) of a list showing some of the most interesting ways that designers are incorporating diamonds into their product lines, transforming ordinary objects into luxury items. 

Diamond Pacifier

For the discerning baby on your shopping list, luxury baby and mom brand Suommo offers a $2.5 million bejeweled pacifier, shaped out of 18 carat gold and studded with diamonds. The piece is designed to be a baby's first jewel. It converts into a pendant or collar pin once the baby no longer needs it, and can be shared with the baby's parent. If this sounds expensive, the company also offers a $12 million crib made out of solid gold. 

Diamond Dinner

The world's most expensive meal will set you back $2 million, but will send you home with some beautiful diamonds as a parting gift. Ce La Vi restaurant, in Marina Bay Sands tower in Singapore, is the home of a $2 million luxury dining experience. The meal features an 18-course degustation menu that includes caviar, oysters and pigeon, paired with a range of expensive wines and champagnes. The lucky couple will bring home a gorgeous set of gold chopsticks, featuring 4 carats of round diamonds, as well as a 2 carat blue diamond ring set in rose gold, known as "the Jane Seymour".

Diamond Fruitcake

The world's most expensive dessert is a $1.65 million fruitcake, produced by a renowned Tokyo pastry chef. It was sold for Christmas 2015. It apparently took the chef six months to conceptualize the cake's creation, and another month to produce it. We know that the cake is adorned with 223 diamonds of various sizes. However, the rest remains a mystery, as the chef has steadfastly refused to disclose any of the other ingredients in his work.