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Fancy Color Diamond Price Direction

Fancy Color Diamond Price Direction

Fancy color diamonds include yellow, blue, pink, green, red, and a few others. The color of most diamonds comes from trace particle impurities that are present in the carbon lattice structure of the stone as it grows below the Earth. The most common trace element in diamonds is nitrogen, which imparts a yellowish or brown tint to the diamonds, depending on its concentration. Diamonds with nitrogen impurities are called Type Ia diamonds, and represent about 98% of all gem-quality natural stones in the world. Even D-color diamonds can have trace amounts of nitrogen, but the concentration is so small that it cannot be detected without sophisticated lab equipment. 


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The Great Diamond Slowdown of 2016, and Why We Need a Fresh Approach

We are in the middle of the summer, and trade has shifted gears to a slower pace. In August, many go on vacation, and the coming month is expected to be even slower than July. 



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Time to Stop Bad Financial Practices in the Diamond Industry

Time to Stop Bad Financial Practices in the Diamond Industry

An interesting opinion column published this week highlighted the legal aspects of some of the business closures in the Indian diamond sector. Prominent Indian industry member Sanjay Kothari, formerly chair of the GJEPC, advocated much stronger steps against those involved in shady dealings. I’m not an investigative journalist and so not in the position to opine as to whether the actions he writes about are criminal or not. But I am a seasoned businessman, and can speak to business practices.

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